Musical MISFITS are a hit

The new musical from Dennett Hudson & Tim O'Connor - MISFITS SCHOOL OF ARTS - premiered in Brisbane in November 2020, and the critics and audiences alike have been raving!

The Courier Mail calls the show "The perfect pandemic pick-me-up!"

Theatre Haus says "Misfits School of Arts’ delivered a feel-good, heartwarming, vibrant, wholesome and joyful night out at the theatre...Kudos for teaching Brisbane audiences that we are all misfits in our own special way. "

Bravo Brisbane calls the show "wonderfully uplifting....beyond excellent"

In a little town just outside of somewhere, retired performer Eglentine Fitzgerald welcomes the newest co-hort of rag-tag youngsters to her Misfits School of Arts. Over the course of a year, we follow this band of merry muppets as they pursue their Broadway dreams.

From fear of wearing tights in ballet to trying to out-sing everybody at all times, to blossoming young love and the pain of heartbreak, and the ever-present question of who will get a solo at the end of year showcase, this hilarious coming-of-age story is both thigh-slappingly funny and heart-warmingly touching.

Don't miss this original new musical from Dennett Hudson & Tim O'Connor that the Courier Mail says is "the perfect pandemic pick-me-up", reminding us that in a world where not everyone fits, its okay to be a misfit.

To find out more about MISFITS SCHOOL OF ARTS, click here

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