Don't let anyone tell you that you are small

On the closing night of HAIRSPRAY - THE BIG FAT ARENA SPECTACULAR in Adelaide, I spoke to the hundreds of creative young people who made up the mass ensemble in that production. In each city we tour the show to, I always like to finish the experience by leaving our young stars with something meaningful they can think about as they go on into their lives, in the direction of their dreams.

On this particular occassion, I had been chatting to some of the girls in the mass ensemble the day earlier, and they had been despairing about the fact that they often miss out great opportunities because "Adelaide is small" (their words, not mine) and all the best chances pass them by.

Firstly, Adelaide is not small, and neither are any of the creative young people who reside there. I told them "You are not small. You are big! If you believe that you are small then what lies ahead for you is small stuff. But I believe that big stuff is ahead for you, and I want to encourage you to dream big dreams for your life."

If you're feeling a bit lost and need a bit of inspiration, maybe this will help you.

Keep dreaming BIG!

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