Philip Quast unpacks STARS

Philip Quast is an absolute titan in the world of musical theatre. I grew up watching him on Playschool, but then eventually came to love and respect him for his incredible performance as Javert in the original Australian production of LES MISERABLES (a role he reprised most famously for the 10th anniversary concert in London). His body of work is staggeringly impressive, so I was a little overwhelmed at the thought of how I was going to get through everything in the hour we had to chat. Not to mention, as it turned out, I was coming down with a really bad cold on the day we did the interview, and I felt faint and vague and wondered how I was going to hold an intelligent conversation. I needn't have worried - I asked Phil one question and he just talked in a stream of conciousness for the next hour!

This was my favourite part of the interview, where Phil started breaking down how he interpreted STARS from LES MIS. It was a unique insight into the mind of a remarkable man.

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