Tonight we officially launched Harvest Rain's upcoming production of INTO THE WOODS at a big launch event in the Concert Hall at QPAC.

I'm so excited to announce that Rhonda Burchmore will play the Witch, Eddie Perfect will play the Baker, Rachael Beck will play the Baker's Wife! So pumped to work with these three - and so glad to finally be able to talk about them being in the show after keeping it quiet for so many months!

Our gorgeous star of PIRATES OF PENZANCE Georgina Hopson will play the role of Cinderella, while Natalie Greer will take on the role of Rapunzel and Kimberley Hodgson will play Little Red Ridinghood.

Tom Oliver will take on the role of Jack, and Penny Farrow will play Jack's Mother.

Steve Hirst and Riley Sutton are set to charm as the Princes.

My old friend Belinda Heit will play the role of the Stepmother and Casey McCollow and Genevieve Tree will play her two daughters.

Dean Vince will play the Narrator and Ron Kelly the Mysterious Man.

My good mate Jason Barry-Smith will be Music Director for this production - I'm so glad we will finally get to work on a show together. We've been friends for ten years but have never done a show together! This will be a hoot!

INTO THE WOODS will play for 5 performances only at the QPAC Concert Hall from 1 - 4 October.

You can book your tickets by CLICKING HERE

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